Young Graduate Research Fellow

Eshaan Bansal is an S2 Young Graduate Research Fellow. He is researching the space insurance landscape in India. He is also doing a comparative study of space insurance and applicable legislations in about half a dozen countries to be able to recommend best practices for India.

Eshaan graduated from McGill University, Canada with a Masters of Air and Space Laws in 2022. In 2020, he got his undergraduate degree from the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law in Punjab., India. 

Eshaan is currently interning with the Air Transport Bureau of the International Civil Aviation Organisation in Montreal. He is the co-founder of Young Ignited Minds Foundation, a non-profit that works on women empowerment and child welfare in rural India. He practiced law at the Bombay High Court before moving to Canada. 

Eshaan has contributed to various academic papers and journals and has co-authored a book titled, "Understanding International Air and Space Law: An Indian Perspective". He is part of the S2 research team and is currently investigating the state of space insurance in India and doing a comparative study of the insurance landscape in emerging and mature space faring nations. 


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