Dr. Narayan PRASAD

Dr. Narayan PRASAD

Director, Operations

Narayan is Chief Operations Officer at Satsearch, a global marketplace for space based in The Netherlands that streamlines procurement for space engineers. He also serves as a Partner to SpacePark Kerala, a Government of Kerala initiative to develop a dedicated space economy hub in India. 

Narayan holds a PhD in Supply Chain Management from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He previously served as an Associate Research Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute where he contributed to enhancing cooperation between Europe and India in space. 

Narayan has authored over 75 articles in various national and international publications and was educated in India, Germany, Sweden and France. He is also an elected member of the International Institute of Space Law, awardee of Emerging Space Leaders by the International Astronautical Federation and host of the NewSpace India podcast.

Narayan is a co-founder of S2 and heads operations. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to influence the growth and expansion of the Indian space activities through activities S2 can undertake. He is also building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders towards achieving the objectives of S2.


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